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angiodynamics australiaAngioDynamics Inc. is a Healthcare Company that designs, manufactures and sells both medical Instruments and Supplies. AngioDynamics Inc. leads the way in providing minimally invasive devices for vascular access, surgery, peripheral vascular disease and oncology.


Founded in Queensbury N.Y. in 1988, AngioDynamics was initially dedicated to the research and development of products used in interventional radiology. They then began shipping products in the early 1990s.

The company soon became well established as a producer of diagnostic catheters. In May 2004 the Company became publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol ANGO.

Through acquisitions of companies such as RITA Medical Systems in January 2007, Oncobionic in May 2008, and the assets of Diomed in June 2008 and FlowMedica in January 2009, AngioDynamics now boasts a diverse product line. Their markets include radio frequency ablation, vascular access, angiography, dialysis, angioplasty, drainage, thrombosis, embolisation, and targeted renal therapy.


Aquisition of Navilyst Medical

On May, 2012 AngioDynamics Inc. acquired ‘Navilyst Medical’ bringing market-leading fluid management systems into its portfolio and doubling their share of the vascular access market. President and CEO Joseph DeVivo said at a news conference in January 2012, “Combining AngioDynamics Inc. and Navilyst Medical will have a more complete line of ports and catheters, used in medical and surgical procedures, than either company does separately, allowing its sales force to be more productive and competitive”.


AngioDynamics Australia and Worldwide

Continuing its expansion, AngioDynamics opened a new headquarters in Albany in March 2010. A continued presence remains in Queensbury and Glen Falls, NY where the company designs and manufactures most of its products.

The company also has International Headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sales offices are in Hong Kong and Hamburg, Germany and another manufacturing facility is located in Denead, UK.

Today the company has 1400 employees worldwide at facilities in the United States, Australasia and Europe.

They are a leading provider of innovative medical devices for interventional radiologists, nephrologists and surgeons. These devices are for the minimally invasive treatment of cancer and peripheral vascular disease, vascular access, surgery, tumor therapy, and oncology.

Looking into the future, the company plans to bring forth a continuing stream of innovations. These will greatly improve patient care by providing the highest-quality, best-performing products.


To provide benefits to patients by being the leader in design, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, proprietary, therapeutic devices used by interventionalists and surgeons for the minimally invasive treatment of peripheral vascular disease, tumor therapy and other, non-vascular disease.


AngioDynamics Inc. is deeply committed to improving patient care by ethically serving its customers, shareholders and employees. We value the importance of trust and honesty in all of the relationships that we build. We are dedicated to its pursuit of innovation and tenaciously strives for continuous improvement in every area.

AngioDynamics Inc. seeks to add significant value in every interaction with its customers. They will do this by providing unsurpassed service and the highest quality, best performing products. To accomplish this, we are committed to its employees receiving the highest level of training. Similarly, they provide an environment that promotes continual employee growth. All our employees constantly endeavor to be the best and the brightest in the medical device industry.1

angiodynamics australia



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