FloMedical is a wholly Australian owned and operated medical device distribution company. We put a strong emphasis on providing patients with the best possible outcomes. Therefore, our mission is to provide the world’s best medical solutions to hospitals, surgeons and patients within Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

FloMedical specialises in Vascular Access

Bioflo-PICC-by-AngioDynamicsFloMedical specialises in Vascular Access Devices and Accessories as its core service and product offering.

Vascular access is integral for medical treatments such as chemotherapy, computer tomography (CT) and delivering total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

For patients and clinicians, FloMedical is delighted to provide real life, world class vascular access solutions and to bring the best technology via leading global medical suppliers. We work with brands such as GaltNeedleTech, Nautilus, PICCsox and Nimble.

FloMedical trusted supplier to Australia and New Zealand

It is important you can deal with a trusted company and we supply to major hospitals, surgeries and medical practices throughout every state and territory of Australia.

Firstly, FloMedical provides training for clinicians, nurses, PICC teams and other medical professionals. Ongoing seminars, training days and demonstrations are paramount in our quest to provide solutions to you, as medical professionals.

Secondly, FloMedical combines breakthrough medical technologies as a leading catalyst for change and innovation. Your clinical success is paramount to us. As a result, ongoing advancement and research are pivotal to providing superior technology in an ever expanding portfolio of medical devices. We serve specialities such as interventional radiology and cardiology, vascular surgery and IV therapy.

Finally, FloMedical travels globally to most major medical supply conferences to keep abreast of technology advancements within the catheter and medical devices fields. With advancements in technology it is important for us to update you via this website, our training and seminars. Subsequently, we are able to provide world class solutions with our technology partners.

FloMedical Mission

Every day we distribute and supply world class medical solutions to most major hospitals, surgeries and medical clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand. Through the products and services we distribute, we undoubtably play our part in providing great patient outcomes.

FloMedical Vision

We will become Australia’s leading boutique medical supply company for vascular access and other medical devices. Consequently, we will provide world class solutions for surgeons, medical teams and thousands of patients. We will educate, communicate and act with integrity in all we do.

FloMedical Values

  • Education
  • Transparency
  • Humanitarian
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
ISO 9001 qms quality management systems approved company

Contact FloMedical

We welcome your enquiries, questions and feedback. If you would like a no obligation quotation for any of our products or services, please contact us.

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