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A comprehensive range of airway management devices including Laryngeal Mask Airways, Laryngoscopes, Endotracheal Tubes, Nasopharyngeal Airways and Oropharyngeal Airways.

Click here to view the Airway Management range by Flexicare on their website.

View single use lagyngoscope products on Flexicare website.

View reusable laryngoscope products on Flexicare website. 

Products include:

Fibre Optic Reusable Blades

IntegraBlade Fibre Optic Blades and Box Set

Fibre Optic Reusable Specialty Blades

BriteBlade Pro – Single Use Patient

BritePro Handle & Lightsource – Single Use Patient

BritePro Solo – Single Use Patient

[sh_video video=”youtube” id=”TadxZ6NJ9ec” poster=””]

[sh_video video=”youtube” id=”8jjSPmb80to” poster=””]

BritePro Max – LED Handle and Box Sets

Conventional & Specialty Reusable Blades

Single Patient Use Conventional Metal Blades & Handle

Conventional Reusable Handles & Box Sets

Magill Forceps

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