anaesthesia breathing systems flexicareThe range of Breathing Systems includes Parallel, Mapleston, co-axial and Ventiflow™ circuits, with accessories such as Catheter Mounts and Face Masks.

View the Anaesthesia Breathing Systems by Flexicare on their website by clicking here. 

Flexicare provides a comprehensive range of products for patients undergoing General Anaesthesia – from induction through maintenance and recovery. With pre-oxygenation accessories, Mapleson and parallel circuits, catheter mounts, filters, masks, and much more, Flexicare offers clinicians all the options for optimal individual patient care.

View the Mapleson Circuits range on the Flexicare website.

View the Basic Parallel Circuits range on the Flexicare website.

View the Basic Smooth Bore Circuits range on the Flexicare website.

View the Ventiflow Systems range on the Flexicare website.

View the Entonox Systems range on the Flexicare website.


VentiSorb is a carbon dioxide absorbent with excellent efficiency for use within closed circle systems.

VentiSorb is a medical grade soda lime prepared in granulated form. The individual granules are specifically non-uniform in shape and size so that CO2 filtration is maximised without restricting gas flow. VentiSorb offers excellent efficiency in absorbing carbon dioxide and other acidic contamination from the gas stream, with minimal interaction with anaesthetic agents. The active compound is naturally porous and hard which resists dust formation.

  • Increased moisture output
  • Minimal anaesthetic agent degradation
  • Improved heat retention

Colour Change Indicator

VentiSorb is available in two different colour options, giving clear visual indications of the level of active soda lime remaining available for CO2 absorption. both conforming to International Standards. When exhausted, VentiSorb will change colour, indicating that the soda lime needs to be replaced. This should be used alongside CO2 monitoring to confirm compound exhaustion.

High Hardness, Low Dust

Ventisorb is resistant to dust formation in comparison to other granular soda lime absorbents.

View VentiSorb on the Flexicare website. 

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