breathing filtersThe range includes Adult and Mini Electrostatic Breathing Filters and HMEF’s, plus Adult and Paediatric Pleated Paper Hydrophobic Bacterial / Viral Filters.

To see the range of Breathing Filters by Flexicare on their website click here. 

Breathing filters help eliminate the risk of cross-infection by preventing the transfer of bacteria and viruses to and from the patient. Electrostatic filters retain micro-organisms through the static electric charge in the medium. The tightly packed layers of mixed fibre strands in pleated paper filters, also known as mechanical filters, physically prevent bacteria and viruses from passing through.


The cap-less, self-sealing valve automatically prevents possible leaks or air entrainment around a loose or poorly fitted cap.

Colour Coded Valve

Distinctive orange colour coding of the LuerSafe valve and LuerSafe monitoring line clearly indicates the correct corresponding connectors.

Unique Design Luer Port

LuerSafe eliminates the risk of misconnection to standard luer connectors, such as IV tubing, ensuring the connection is to the monitoring line only.


  1. Insert the colour coded monitoring line connector into the LuerSafe Port, pressing down and rotating in a clockwise direction.
  2. Check the LuerSafe is securely locked and verify the capnography trace.
  3. To remove, unscrew the monitoring line and the valve will self-seal.

Click to view the LuerSafe on the Flexicare website.

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