Centeze® Centesis Catheter

GaltMedical introduces the Centeze over the needle catheter system for centesis procedures. This procedure involves the drainage of fluid from a body cavity. The catheter features large skived holes, a smooth transition, and secure slip fit needle design. As a result, the GaltMedical design enhances ease in every centesis procedure.

  • 3 large skived holes to aid in maximum drainage and reduction of cloggingCenteze Centesis Catheter
  • Tapered tip, smooth transition, and siliconized catheter to aid in insertion
  • Echogenic needle with bevel indicator to aid in visibility
  • Clear needle hub for flashback confirmation

The Centeze catheter comes in 4Fr and 5Fr sizes (21ga and 19ga needle sizes), and in lengths of 9, 12 and in the 5 Fr variant, 17cm. The device has a slip fit connector.





Centeze Catheter Catheter Size Catheter Length Gauge Needle Length Needle Tip Lock Quantity/box
DRC-002-01 4Fr 7cm 21ga 9cm Echogenic Slip fit 10
DRC-002-04 4Fr 10cm 21ga 12cm Echogenic Slip fit 10
DRC-002-02 5Fr 7cm 19ga 9cm Echogenic Slip fit 10
DRC-002-05 5Fr 10cm 19ga 12cm Echogenic Slip fit 10
DRC-002-08 5Fr 15cm 19ga 17cm Echogenic Slip fit 10
DRC-002-06 6Fr 10cm 18ga 12cm Echogenic Slip fit 10