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Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters

  • Xcela® PICCs with PASV® Valve Technology
  • Xcela® Hybrid PICC with PASV® Valve Technology
  • Xcela® Power Injectable PICCs

Xcela® PICC with PASV® Valve Technology

Combining The Power of PASV® and Power Injection

Now you have the power to redefine patient care with the only power injectable PICC to incorporate PASV® Valve Technology. The Xcela® PICC with PASV® Valve Technology is designed to provide a high degree of safety, ease and confidence in patient care.

Power Injectable

Advanced features such as large lumen diameters allow the Xcela® PICC with PASV® Valve Technology to deliver the power injection flow rates required for contrast-enhanced CTs compatible with up to 325 psi CT injections.

Integrated Design

The innovative design of the PASV® Valve Technology along with the advanced material of the Xcela® Power Injectable PICC offers an advanced solution to vascular access needs.

Confidence in Results

The PASV® Valve Technology design automatically resists backflow, reducing blood reflux that could lead to catheter-related complications.

Confidence in Choice

With the addition of PASV® Valve Technology to the Xcela® Power Injectable PICC, clinicians now have the ability to choose the right PICC for the right patient.

Ease of Placement

Variety of kit configurations
Exact-Length™ Measurement System
Trimmable catheter tip
Enhanced radiopacity
Reverse taper extrusion

Simplified Care and Maintenance

Minimum weekly saline flush recommended*
Use of saline may limit the complications and cost associated with heparin use
Alcohol-resistant material
Clampless extension legs
Freedom to choose your preferred needleless connector

Large Lumen Diameters

Designed to provide greater flow rates at lower pressures
Developed to minimize risk of catheter occlusion
Designed for easier blood withdrawal

*Follow institutional policies and procedures for catheter flushing.


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