Good news you need to hear


Last year, it was easy to become overwhelmed by all the negative news in the world – that is if you were fortunate enough to not be dealing with your own crisis. Despite that, there have been many highlights – some went unnoticed – that give us great hope for the future.

Despite significant efforts being directed towards managing the pandemic, across the world, there have been countless good news stories. From breakthroughs in medical research and technology, to deaths having been prevented through targeted health campaigns. 2020 brought us many medical highlights – even if they were largely overshadowed by the tumultuous events of the pandemic

A recent article by Future Crunch draws attention to 99 such achievements, with many of those occurring in the field of health and medicine.

The good news is global, celebrating the elimination of trachoma in Myanmar, the complete suppression of sleeping sickness in Togo, and the eradication of wild polio in Africa.

Deaths from one of the world’s deadliest diseases, malaria, reached their lowest ever recorded level in 2020 – a remarkable achievement. Deaths from tuberculosis are also receding.

In the fight against AIDS, the news is extremely positive. A new antiviral treatment was proven to be almost 90 percent effective at preventing the virus in women. This is in the context of a decline in deaths from HIV/AIDS around the globe.

Although it’s easy to be overwhelmed by other stories that capture our attention daily – especially given the pandemic occurring in our midst – there is certainly cause for optimism and hope for a future marked less by disease and sickness, and more by health and happiness.

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