Nimble Storage Solutions – October 2020

Written by Rose Davidson for FloMedical


Too many times medical staff have walked into the sterile store and are unable to find everything they need. In fact, the store is in such disarray that it is any wonder they can find anything at all. When they do shop, they find that items that they need are out of date or have not been rotated. They are then wasting precious time having to search through everything to find what they need.


Unfortunately, insufficient storage space is almost a universal problem. When sterile processing departments (SPDs) are designed, they are usually designed based on current facility constructions guidelines. Considering most departments do not get the opportunity for a new purpose-built area, the existing space can quickly become too small for required storage due to changing procedures and new equipment needed.


The sterile storage area is the area in a facility designed for storage of medical devices and supplies. Most facilities have multiple sterile storage areas. The SPD usually has the largest sterile storage area, but other departments (e.g., OR, nursing units) also have sterile storage areas. Regardless of the location, policies and procedures for sterile storage should be developed according to accepted professional practices to ensure that the function and sterility of medical and surgical devices and supplies are maintained until the time of use. All personnel must conform to the written policies and procedures approved by the facility.


Shelf life is the period during which a sterile item is considered safe to use. Shelf life is event-related, not time-related. That is, while the probability of contamination increases with time, it is more influenced by handling and storage methods. Sterile items that are protected from the environment have been proven to remain sterile indefinitely. However, that only occurs when packages are not handled, and they remain in one location. That is not the case in a typical SPD or operating room (OR).


Shelf life is not just a matter of sterility maintenance. Many products from outside manufacturers carry expiration dates that relate to product and packaging degradation, not to product sterility per se. Sterile items must be properly stored so that the packaging is not compromised. Shelf-life requirements always apply to supplies received from outside vendors as well as to those processed in the SPD.


The sterile storage standards have traditionally provided guidance such as keeping storage from a sprinkler head (fire code), off the floor (to facilitate cleaning and prevent splashing of items when floors are cleaned) and from an outside wall (if applicable).

Either closed or open wire shelving can be used; however, wire shelving may require more attention for cleaning. For items to be protected, there should be sufficient space allocated for storage of sterile items. When items are “crushed” into a storage bin, it can damage the packaging. In addition, the instrument itself may be subjected to damage.

FloMedical has the perfect solution for this problem, Nimble Storage Solution, a revolutionary medical stock room storage solution which will give you 33% more usable sterile storage space.


A CSSD storage system that features a host of innovative elements which uniquely combines design, flexibility, and functionality for a better health care experience. Designed for the medical industry, Nimble makes hospital or utility stock room management and access easier than ever.


  • CSSD Storage solutions designed to give you flexible options
  • Storage & shelving solutions that incorporate space-saving and flexible options for any storage space
  • Compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS4187
  • Elegant design beautifully finished
  • Medical storage cabinets
  • Medical storage trolleys
  • Mobile shelving for sterile stores


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