Nimble Medical Storage Systems

High Density, modular medical storage

Introducing Nimble, a revolutionary medical stock room storage solution which will give you 33% more usable sterile storage space.

A CSSD storage system that features a host of innovative elements which uniquely combines design, flexibility, and functionality for a better health care experience. Designed for the medical industry, Nimble makes hospital or utility stock room management and access easier than ever.

  • CSSD Storage solutions designed to give you flexible options
  • Storage & shelving solutions that incorporate space saving and flexible options for any storage space
  • Compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS4187
  • Elegant design beautifully finished
  • Medical storage cabinets
  • Medical storage trolleys
  • Mobile shelving for sterile stores


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Nimble Medical Storage System

The Nimble Storage Solution

The Nimble Storage System combines high density modular CSSD storage with strong and durable shelving. Space is limited in healthcare facilities, consequently establishing a need for both more efficient supply methods. More innovative medical stock room management and storage solutions are also required. Our unique system allows optimisation of your supply chain through providing a highly customisable healthcare or utility room storage system.

The Nimble modular storage system features a host of innovative elements which uniquely combine design, flexibility, and functionality for a better health care experience. Nimble’s medical storage units provide an innovative approach to hospital storage and medical storage systems.

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Combining wire shelving with basket storage, the modular design of the Nimble system allows for easy and flexible integration with unlimited options to accommodate different storage needs. As a flexible solution to high density storage, Nimble offers clinicians the opportunity to customise the medical wire shelving and trays to deliver optimal medical supplies storage solutions.


Using the collar sleeve mechanism to deliver high weight capacities.


Ability to create a fit for purpose solution in any environment.


Maximise your storage capacity with easy to customise solutions.

Design the configuration that meets your medical supply storage needs, with the flexibility to easily make changes when you require.


  • You are in control of the size and set up
  • Maximise your storage capacity
  • Create a fit-for-purpose solution
  • Flatpack trays easy to break down for cleaning and storage
  • Compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS4187
  • Elegant design beautifully finished

Among healthcare storage solutions, Nimble stands tall. It is clear that compared to Nimble storage competitors have difficulty in reaching the same heights.

The Nimble Storage System absolutely provides a uniquely better experience and outcome for healthcare practitioners and facilities.

Split Collar Innovation

Adding more shelves to a unit and changing the configurations is easier than ever. The split collar further improves on current high-density shelving systems in the market and allows you to connect one shelf directly to another. Additional posts or ‘S’ hooks are no longer needed for your shelving system. Nimble’s medical shelving units are therefore simple and effective.

The design takes inspiration from the split collar’s easy-to-build design concept. The clever wrap-around design tightly grips the post and allows clinicians to add or remove trays without breaking down the unit. As a result, this gives clinicians the opportunity to move and configure trays in a way that best works for their medical storage needs. These are medical storage shelves that adapt nimbly to the needs of the user!

Flat Pack Trays

Our Nimble flat pack trays seamlessly integrate with the Nimble Storage System without compromising the strength or weight capacity of the trays. The plastic tray can be easily broken down for cleaning, and transported and stored conveniently. The fine mesh base gives clinicians the opportunity to store even the smallest of items in the trays. As such, Nimble is a marked improvement on traditional medical storage drawers and medical storage racks.

Nimble Wire Baskets

Not all wire baskets are made equal! Nimble has brought its design influence to the simple wire basket. Designed using a fine mesh to ensure even small items can be stored, the Nimble wire baskets also include reinforced bars for extra strength, a clever divider system and a unique stacker that maximises space.

Trolley Blue Shoes Collection

Mobility is key with our Trolley Blue Shoes Stainless Steel Collection. A curated group of products essential to the operation of healthcare facilities. The Trolley Blue Shoes range includes numerous models of medical supply cart, medical storage cabinet, medical trolley, medical storage cart and mobile medical cabinet.

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