Flexicare’s Oxygen and Aerosoloxygen and aerosol therapy flexicare Therapy products include Variable and Fixed Concentration Oxygen Masks, Nasal Cannulas, End Tidal CO2, Monitoring and Post-Operative Oxygen Therapy consumables, Nebulisers and Nebuliser Kits.

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Oxygen therapy devices for spontaneously breathing patents fall into two categories, Variable Performance or Fixed Performance.

  1. Variable performance devices such as nasal cannulas and masks with or without a rebreathing bag, deliver uncontrolled oxygen therapy because the patient’s breathing affects the concentration of the inspired mixture.
  2. Fixed performance devices allow controlled (known, fixed and selectable) oxygen dosage. They create a constant proportion of air/oxygen mixture in excess of patient inspiratory flow rate and are independent of patient factors or fit to the face. With gas flow constantly in excess of patient demand and with enhances CO2 washout, rebreathing is virtually eliminated.

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Reduced Risk of Patient Trauma

Elasticated earloop option on the adult mask eliminates the need for the patient’s head to be moved to fit the mask, reducing risk of further injury.

Secured Oxygen Delivery

Star Lumen Tubing maintains oxygen flow, even if the tube is kinked.

Ease and Speed of Fitting

Mask is fitted quickly and easily with the swivel connector rotated to suit the patient’s position.

Reduced Risk of Bag Occlusion

Castellations on the swivel connector ensures flow of oxygen from bag to patient is uninterrupted.

Humidity Adaptor

The Humidity Adaptor is connected to a humidified Single Limb Heated Wire Breathing System. Humidified air is then entrained by the Venturi barrel to deliver the fixed concentration oxygen to the patient. Use of a humidity adaptor is the most accurate method of giving fixed concentration humidified oxygen to the patient.

View the Humidity Adaptor on the Flexicare website.

View the Bubble Humidifier on the Flexicare website.

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