Fluent™ Transitionless Micro-Introducer

Fluent™ Transitionless Micro-Introducer

GaltNeedleTech™, one of the premier providers of .018“ micro-access products, is pleased to introduce the Fluent™ Transitionless Micro-Introducer (TMI). The Fluent™ TMI is designed for ease of access, with redesigned angles and silicone coating. Test data shows the Fluent™ is more effective in reducing penetration forces than the leading competitor.   Fluent transition 4Fr and …

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GaltNeedleTech™’s Micro-Introducer Kits provide the high quality and precision design expected by clinicians worldwide. Each feature was designed to aid in the access process, allowing for consistent performance every time. GaltNeedleTech™’s line of Stiffen Micro-Introducers sets a new standard for high quality and precision design. Kits combine our precise dilator and sheath transitions with a …

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