Flexicare has a wealth of experience and knowledge in designing and manufacturing continence care products, for all your Urology and Ostomy needs.

The broad range includes uncoated and hydrophilic intermittent catheters, market-leading meatal dilators, leg bags, 2 litre drainage bags,  as well as accessories to help you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.


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cathetersA wide range of hydrophilic and uncoated intermittent catheters for bladder drainage and stricture therapy. Available in choice of soft, tapered tiemann and standard tips.

WyCath Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheters

Hydrophilic coated catheters with the water sachet sealed inside the packaging. Available in a range of tips and lengths.

WyCath Uncoated Intermittent Catheters

Sterile uncoated intermittent catheters supplied in Standard, Female and Paediatric lengths with a choice of tips.

meatal dilatorMarket-leading meatal dilators designed to ease through strictures. Available in a choice of 2 tips, with a hydrophilic coating to ease insertion.


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Standard Tip

Tapered Tip

WyCath Meatal Dilators

Flexicare’s market-leading meatal dilators are designed to ease through strictures. Available in a choice of 2 tips, with a hydrophilic coating to ease insertion.

Market Leader

Market-leading meatal dilators

Range of Tips

Our meatal dilators are available in Standard and Tapered tip.

Hydrophilic Coating

Our Meatal Dilators have a hydrophilic coating to ease insertion. Simply fill the dilator sleeve with water then wait 30 seconds for the hydrophilic coating to activate.

Colour Coded

All our catheters and meatal dilators are colour coded for easy size recognition.

drainage bagsA wide range of leg bags and 2 litre drainage bags providing robust and versatile urine drainage solutions for both hospital and home use.

Flexicare Leg bags

Flexicare’s standard leg bag is contoured offering an improved and comfortable fit.

Discreet Leg Bags

Flexicare’s Discreet leg bags are a neutral colour which makes them less conspicuous under clothing.

F4 Drainable Bag Range

Robust and versatile 2 litre drainable bag for both hospital and community environments.

F4 Plus Drainable Bag

Primarily used with patients who have undergone surgery it allows observation of urine drainage.

F2 Once Drainable Bag

Simple and easy to use, providing a clean and safe method of urine drainage.

F2-EZ Once Drainable

Designed with a simple twist-snap tap to enable the urine to be directed and emptied easily.


Sterile closed collection system for accurate urine measurements.


A wide range of Urology Accessories, to suit all patients needs. Our range includes catheter valves, bag hangers, leg bag holders and straps.

Ez-Flow Catheter Valve

An inconspicuous light weight catheter valve with an easy to operate tap.

FlexiHang Bag Hanger

Universal 2 litre urine bag hanger for use on beds fitted with or without side bars.


FlexiSleeve is a knitted Lycra, latex free leg bag holder to replace leg straps.

Bag Stand

Tough, durable stand designed to hold any 2L bag ensuring the tap is held clear of the floor.

Leg Straps

Lycra which keeps its elasticity over the strap’s lifetime with an anti-slip silicone wave.

Wystopper Stoma Stopper

A flexible clear soft stoma stopper designed by a clinician to maintain stoma sites.

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